A workspace is your main Butter hub. Everything you do in Butter happens in a workspace. It’s where you’ll find your rooms, templates, recaps, and team members. You can join as many workspaces as you like!

🎥 Video Tour: Butter workspace

Here’s a 2-minute tour of everything that’s in a workspace!

What is a Butter workspace?

Everything you do in Butter is tied to a workspace. In a workspace, you’ll find your rooms, a shared library of agendas and tools, session recaps, and your team members.

Here’s what you can do in a workspace:

  • See & plan what’s next: Your workspace has a Home tab with an overview of upcoming sessions, recent rooms, recaps, and more. You can also plan your upcoming sessions and schedule it directly from Butter!
  • Plan sessions together: Collaborate on room setup with other members of your workspace.
  • See & share templates: View our curated public library of templates you can use to create your Butter sessions. Create a team library of agenda templates and tools to save on setup time.
  • Manage your team: Invite workspace members and assign workspace- and room-level roles
  • Manage your billing: Manage workspace permissions, plans, and billing from one account.

Navigating your workspace

Navigate your way through the Butter workspace using the lefthand sidebar
Navigate your way through the Butter workspace using the lefthand sidebar

Sidebar navigation

You’ll find your workspace navigation on the lefthand side of your workspace.

At the top, you’ll find your workspace switcher, where you can easily switch between workspaces you’re a member of.

Then, you’ll find five menu items:

  1. Home
  2. Rooms
  3. Templates
  4. Recaps
  5. Settings.

1. Home

Home gives you a personal at-a-glance view of your upcoming sessions, recently used rooms, latest recaps, and new templates added to your team library.

Get to know your Home


for a full tour of the Home tab.

2. Rooms

In Rooms, you will find all of the rooms that you have created. Additionally, you’ll find rooms where you have been invited to collaborate.

What’s a room?

Rooms are where you plan and run your sessions in Butter. Check out

for a full rundown.

3. Templates

Templates is split up into two sections.

  1. The Public Template Gallery: This is where you can explore hundreds of ready-made Butter templates created by many amazing Butter people!
  2. Workspace library: Here, you’ll find both your personal templates as well as all the templates that have been shared by your team members! You can save anything from agendas and agenda blocks to flashcard decks, poll questions, playlists, presentations, videos and more.
Learn more about your templates

Check out

for a full explanation of how to share Butter templates.

4. Recaps

Recaps is where all of the outcomes and data from your sessions is stored. Recaps from a session includes your recordings, notes (both shared and private), poll results, attendance lists, and more for every session.

Recaps rundown

Check out

for all the details on recaps.

5. Settings

Your workspace Settings are where you manage your workspace, your team, and your personal settings within the workspace.

Workspace settings


to learn how to manage your workspace branding, plan and billing, and team members.

Personal settings


to learn how to change your display name, profile picture, email notifications, audio and video, and more.

Creating a workspace

There are two ways to create a workspace in Butter.

  1. When you first sign up: If you weren’t invited to a team workspace, you’ll be prompted to create your own workspace when you first sign up to Butter.
  2. From your Butter dashboard: You can create a new workspace by selecting the workspace dropdown from the dashboard navigation and then selecting “Add new workspace.” From there, just follow the prompts!

Joining a workspace

To join an existing workspace, you’ll need to be invited by an existing member. Any workspace member can invite you to their workspace.


for details on how to invite team members to your workspace.

Switching between workspaces


To switch between workspaces, select the workspace dropdown in the top-left corner of your workspace navigation.

Then, just pick the workspace you want to switch to!

Understanding free vs. paid workspaces

In Butter, you have the option to have a free or paid workspace.

Free workspaces can have up to 5 members on free plans, while paid workspaces can have unlimited members on paid plans (i.e. Starter, Pro and Legend plans).

On paid workspaces, all members need to be on paid plans - and you can mix and match the plans for each member depending on what they need.

For more details on the different plan options, head to .

Managing workspace roles, members and plans

Workspaces are made for teams to plan and run incredibly engaging sessions together! To access your workspace members, navigate to Settings > Workspace.

In a Butter team workspace, there are three different member roles:

  • Owner: The creator of the workspace and the only person who can delete the workspace.
  • Admin: Can manage workspace settings, members, and the templates library.
  • Member: These are members have full access to the workspace’s rooms and library, but can’t manage workspace settings (including member roles). They can create unlimited rooms, run sessions, and start sessions from rooms they’ve created or have been invited to as a collaborator (only for members on paid plans). You can choose the plan which fits what each workspace member needs.

Depending on whether you’re on a Free or Paid workspace, each member will have a different plan type:

  • Free plan: Only available in the Free workspaces. They can have up to 25 people in a session, run unlimited 1-1 sessions and group sessions of up to 45 minutes, and can only start sessions in their own rooms.
  • Starter/Pro/Legend plan: Only available in the paid workspaces. They have no time limit when running sessions, have the ability to record, and can have between to 50-200 participants at a time (depending on the plan).
  • View-only: Can only see the rooms and recaps in a paid workspace, but can’t start any rooms of their own.


to learn how to manage your workspace members.


for a complete breakdown of each role.

Workspace FAQ

How many members can I have in my workspace?

On the Free workspace, you can have up to 5 Free members.

On the Paid workspace, you can have unlimited paid members (including admins and the owner).

How can I manage my workspace’s members and roles? How do I add or remove team members from my workspace?

Only workspace admins and owners can manage existing member’s roles, and remove members from a workspace.


to learn how to manage your workspace members.


for a complete breakdown of each role.

How many workspaces can I create/join?

There’s no limit! We would suggest to create or join a workspace for every team you regularly collaborate with in Butter.

Do session participants/co-facilitators have to be members of my workspace?

No! Anyone can join a Butter session. Participants do not count towards your workspace member limits (only your session participant limit).

Do room collaborators have to be members of my workspace?

Nope! You can invite guests outside your workspace to collaborate on room setup. Room-level permissions are separate from workspace-level permissions.

Can I brand my workspace with my own logo?

Yes! Owners and admins can edit your workspace’s branding from the


How do I delete a workspace?

We’re working on implementing this feature. In the meantime, contact us at friends@butter.us if you need your workspace deleted!