Workspace Roles, Plans & Permissions

Every member of your Butter workspace is assigned a role (Owner, Admin or Member). Each of them will also have a plan type (Free, Starter, Pro, Legend or View-only). The role determines what permissions they have in the workspace (i.e. managing members, workspace info and billing details). To change what limitations a member has in session, you can change their Plan. Learn more about Butter Plans & pricing.

🎥 Video Tour: Member Roles

A quick 1-minute explainer of the four different member roles in your workspace.

Workspace Member Roles & Permissions

There are several member roles, each with its own set of permissions.

Here’s a quick summary of each role. Check out the table below for a full breakdown of each member role’s permissions.

1. Owner

There’s only one owner per workspace. By default, the workspace creator is the owner. If the owner deletes their profile, ownership is automatically transferred to another admin.

The owner has all the same permissions as an admin, but they’re the only user that can delete the entire workspace.

2. Admin

Workspace admins can manage everything in the workspace, but cannot delete it.

They can edit workspace settings, manage billing information, upgrade and manage members, and manage the templates and saved items in the team library.

3. Member

Members have full access to almost all of Butter’s features. They can create unlimited rooms, run sessions, and start sessions from rooms they’ve created or have been invited to as a collaborator (only for members on paid plans).

They can’t manage general or billing settings. They can add and edit items in the workspace library, but they can’t delete other people’s library items.

Here is a quick overview of their different permission levels:

Edit General settings
Edit Plan & Billing
Invite workspace members
Modify/upgrade members
Delete workspace
Add library items
Edit own library items
Delete own library items
Delete all library items
Share library items

Plan Types

Depending on whether you’re on a Free or Paid workspace, each member will have a different plan type:

  • Free plan: Only available in the Free workspaces. They can have up to 25 people in a session, run unlimited 1-1 sessions and group sessions of up to 45 minutes, and can only start sessions in their own rooms.
  • Starter/Pro/Legend plan: Only available in the paid workspaces. They have no time limit when running sessions, have the ability to record, and can have between to 50-200 participants at a time (depending on the plan).
  • View-only: They’ll be able to see any rooms that they may have created if they have previously been a Member of the workspace. View-only members can’t start sessions or create rooms of their own.

Here’s an overview of the room and session permissions for each plan type:

Create rooms
Start sessions (own rooms)
Start sessions (as a room collaborator)
Record sessions
See session recaps
Plan Limits
Participants limit per session
2-person session length
3+ person session length
Up to 45 minutes
Monthly no. of recording hours
3 hours
20 hours
50 hours
Co-facilitators (in session)
$19/month (on monthly billing) $14/month (on annual billing)
$34/month (on monthly billing) $26/month (on annual billing)
$69/month (on monthly billing) $52/month (on annual billing)
Note: If you invite a guest outside of your workspace to collaborate on a room, they will only have access to that room, not your workspace (including items in your library). See for more details.

Workspace Member Pricing

Your workspace pricing will be determined by how many paid members (including the owner and admins) there are in your workspace, and which plan they are on.

View-only members will not impact your pricing.


for the full details on member pricing and add-ons.

Managing Member Roles

Starting from your workspace dashboard, you can change a workspace member’s role by navigating to Settings > Workspace > Members and then selecting the menu next to the member you want to edit.

Only workspace owners and admins can modify a member’s role.


for full details on how to manage the members in your workspace.

Workspace Roles & Permissions FAQ

How many members can I have in a workspace?

On the Basic plan, you can have up to 5 Basic (free) members in a workspace.

On the Business plan, you can have up unlimited paid members and admins.

Can guest room collaborators access my workspace?

If you invite a guest outside of your workspace to collaborate on a room, they will only have access to that room, not your workspace (including items in your library). See for more details.

Do session participants have to be a member of my workspace?

No! Anyone can join a Butter session. Participants do not count towards your workspace member limits (only your session participant limit).

How do I add or delete members from my workspace?

Only Pro members, admins, and owners can add/upgrade Pro members in your workspace.

Only admins and owners can delete or downgrade members in your workspace.


for full details on how to manage the members in your workspace.

How does paid member pricing work?


for details on pricing.

How does my billing get calculated when I add/delete Pro members?

See for details on how monthly/annual invoices are calculated.

How do I transfer workspace ownership?

You can change ownership by heading to members in workspace settings, clicking the 3 dots and changing their role from there.

Owners can only transfer their ownership to other paid members!