Workspace Settings

Workspace Settings

Your workspace settings are where you can manage your workspace branding, billing info, and team members. Access your workspace settings by navigating to Settings > Workspace from the workspace navigation. Only admins and owners have full access to your workspace settings.

1. General

The General tab is for modifying your workspace’s general settings. Here, you can edit your:

  • Workspace name
  • Workspace URL
  • Workspace logo (maximum size 1200 x 1200px, png or jpeg): Only on paid plans. Visible in your workspace and in the corner of every session.

Workspace settings / General
Workspace settings / General

2. Plan & Billing

The Plan & Billing tab is where you can manage your subscription, change your contact and billing info, access your billing history, and download invoices.

Only the workspace owner and admins can access this section.


for full details on Butter for Business and pricing.

See: to learn how to manage your subscription and access your billing details.

Workspace settings / Plan & Billing overview
Workspace settings / Plan & Billing overview

3. Members

Members is where you’ll find all the team members in your workspace. You can have up to 5 free members in a Basic (free) workspace, and unlimited members in a Business (paid) workspace.

Here, owners and admins can invite new members and modify existing members, while the rest can only invite members to the workspace.

For a full breakdown of each member role and its relevant permissions, see


Inviting new team members to your workspace

To invite a new team member, select ‘Invite team member’. You can then invite one or more team members by entering their emails. Invites expire in three days and can be resent if needed.

Note: Only Owners and Admins of the workspace can by default invite new members to the workspace. You can change this setting in Workspace Settings / General.

Workspace Settings FAQ

Who can access my team’s workspace settings?

Every team member can see your member list, however only admins and the workspace owner can modify existing members or access your plan and billing.

How many members can I have in a workspace?

On the Free workspace, you can have up to 5 Free members.

On the Paid workspace, you can have unlimited paid members (including admins and the owner).

How can I add or delete members from my workspace?

All members can add others into your workspace. Only admins and owners can add/upgrade or delete/downgrade paid members in your workspace.


for full details on how to manage the members in your workspace.

What will people see when I invite them to my workspace?

When you invite someone to your workspace, they will receive an email saying you have invited them to join their Butter workspace. Once they click ‘Join workspace,’ they will be invited to sign up or log in to Butter.

Can guest room collaborators access my workspace?

If you invite a guest outside of your workspace to collaborate on a room, they will only have access to that room, not your workspace (including items in your library).

How do I transfer workspace ownership?

We don’t have this functionality at the moment. To transfer workspace ownership, just write to us at!