Butter Plans & Pricing

To make things extra simple, you can choose between Butter Free and Butter Business (paid) workspace. On Butter Basic, you can only have free members in your workspace. On Butter Business, you can have only paid members in your workspace. Your pricing is determined by the number of paid members and which plan they are on. You can select a different paid plan for each workspace member, depending on what they’d need.

Butter’s Pricing Plan Options

Here’s a quick rundown of pricing plans in Butter. All pricing is calculated per member.

Keep reading below for a complete breakdown of how pricing works for each plan.

$19 (monthly) $171 (annual)
$34 (monthly) $306 (annual)
$69 (monthly) $621 (annual)
Max. participants in a session
Group sessions
Up to 45 minutes
One-on-one sessions
Monthly no. of recording hours (resets monthly)
3 hours
20 hours
50 hours
Room collaborators & Co-facilitators (in session)
Free vs. Paid: Get the full breakdown

For a full breakdown of the differences between Free and Paid members, see

. To learn how to upgrade members from, check out
Workspace Settings
Workspace Settings

Butter Workspace Tiers

Your Butter plan and pricing are both tied to your workspace. There are two workspace tiers available: Free and Business.

Butter Free

Butter Free is our free workspace tier. It’s a great way to get started with planning and running interactive sessions.

In a free workspace, you can:

  • Add your teammates: Invite up to 5 free members to your workspace.
  • Plan sessions together: Collaborate on setup with other members of your workspace.
  • Share templates: Every Free member can add, edit, or delete their own agendas, blocks, and tools in the workspace library.

However, Butter Free has all the limitations of Free members, including 45-minute group session time limits, a maximum of two rooms per member, the inability to start sessions from someone else’s room, and more.

Butter Business (Paid)

Butter Business is our paid workspace tier that lets your team collaborate on planning, running, and recapping sessions without limitations.

In a Butter Business workspace, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Free workspace, plus:

  • Add unlimited teammates: Invite an unlimited number of paid Starter/Pro/Legend members.
  • Manage workspace roles: Each member can be assigned one of several workspace roles (Owner, Admin or Member), each with their own levels of permissions. Learn more about Workspace roles and permissions.
  • Collaborate on unlimited rooms: Paid members can create and collaborate on an unlimited number of rooms and start sessions from each other’s rooms.
  • Run and record sessions: Paid members can run sessions of unlimited length and record sessions.
  • Delete library items: Admins and Owners can delete others’ library items.
  • Branded sessions: Add your organization’s logo to your Butter sessions.

You have the flexibility to assign a different plan to each of your workspace members (i.e. Starter, Pro, Legend) depending on what they’d need.

Upgrade to Butter Business

To upgrade to Butter Business, log in to Butter and then go to Settings > Workspace > Plan & billing.

How pricing is calculated

Butter Business pricing is determined by how many paid members you have, and what plan you’ve selected for each of them.

You can choose monthly or annual billing. With annual billing, you get 3 months for free!

Here’s a quick recap of the plans:

Basic (free)
Starter (paid)
$171 (save $57 per member/per year)
Pro (paid)
$306 (save $102 per member/per year)
Legend (paid)
$621 (save $207 per member/per year)
Example pricing breakdown

Let’s run through a quick pricing example for a Butter Business plan.

Let’s say your workspace has 3 Starter members, 5 Pro members and 2 Legend members. When billed monthly, your monthly bill would be as follows:

  • 3 Starter members: 3 members x $19 monthly = $57 monthly
  • 5 Pro members: 5 members x $34 monthly = $170 monthly
  • 2 Legend members: 2 members x $69 monthly = $138 monthly
  • Total: $57 + $170 + $138 = $365 monthly

Workspace Billing and Payments

For complete details on accessing your billing history and managing your subscription and billing details, see .

Butter Plans & Pricing FAQ

How is a Butter Free workspace different from Butter Business workspace?

With a Butter Free workspace, you can invite up to 5 free team members to join you, build up a shared library, start collaborating in rooms, and more. All members will be added as Free members (limited to 2 rooms and group sessions of up to 45 minutes). To manage user roles, run sessions with recording, and upgrade team members, you will need a Business workspace.

With a Butter Business workspace, you can invite up an unlimited number of Starter, Pro and Legend members. You can also manage workspace roles (i.e. workspace admins), manage content (i.e. team library items and recaps), record your sessions, and brand your sessions with your team’s logo.

See the Pricing Table above for full details.

What are the differences between the workspace member roles?

We have a number of different roles in a Butter workspace, each with their own sets of permissions. The biggest difference is how each role can run your sessions and how much you can collaborate within the team:

  • Owner: By default, the workspace creator is the owner. If the owner deletes their profile, ownership is transferred to another admin. The owner is the only role that can delete a workspace.
  • Admin: They can manage everything in the workspace. They can edit workspace settings, manage billing information, upgrade and manage members, and manage the library.
  • Member: These are members have full access to the workspace’s rooms and library, but can’t manage workspace settings (including member roles). They can create unlimited rooms, run sessions, and start sessions from rooms they’ve created or have been invited to as a collaborator (only for members on paid plans). You can choose the plan which fits what each workspace member needs.

Check out

for a full breakdown of each member role’s permissions.

What happens when a Free member hits their limits?

When a Free member encounters the limits of their account, they will be notified. We’ve kept these limits simple:

  • Up to 45-minute group sessions. The member will receive a notification 10 minutes before the time limit.
  • Starting sessions in their own rooms. To start sessions in other members’ rooms, they will need to upgrade to Pro.
  • Up to 25 participants. To host sessions with more than 25 people, they will need be on a paid account.

You will need to upgrade to Business plans to not encounter these limits.

How do I upgrade my workspace to Butter Business?

To upgrade to Butter Business, log in to Butter and then go to Settings > Workspace > Plan & billing. Under ‘Basic Plan’, select ‘Manage subscription’ to upgrade your workspace.

How do I manage the members on my Butter Business plan?

To learn how to manage your members and add-ons, check out


How can I see how many paid members are in my workspace?

Log in to Butter and then go to Settings > Workspace > Plan & billing. Scroll down to billing breakdown.

Do session participant limits include facilitators?

Yes! Co-facilitators are included in the participant limits.

What happens if I pass the participant limit during a live session?

If you hit the participant limit during a session, you will be prompted and will not be able to admit any additional participants to your room.

Do you give discounts to education or non-profit organizations?

Yes! We offer 30% off to schools, universities, and non-profits. Apply for our Education Program here to request a discount.

I’m interested in getting my whole team on Butter! Do you give bulk discounts for large teams?

We offer discounts if you’re purchasing Pro accounts for 10+ people. Get in touch with us at friends@butter.us and we’ll get back to you on a customized pricing plan!

Do you offer a free trial of Butter Business?

Yes, we offer 7-day free trials of the Starter plan for new users who’ve signed up to Butter.

Creating unlimited rooms and making unlimited recordings comes with a cost on our end, so we have to charge for these capabilities to keep the (virtual) lights on. 😅

How do I cancel my Butter Business plan?

To cancel your plan, log in to Butter and then go to Settings > Workspace > Plan & billing. Under ‘Butter Business’, select ‘Manage subscription’ to cancel your plan.