Rooms are where you plan and run your sessions. Each Butter room has its own URL, so you can design a unique participant experience with a different agenda and toolbox for each room. This makes it easy to re-use your rooms, plans, and resources for multiple sessions. ♻️ 

📽️ Video explainer: Rooms

Here’s a quick video tour of the room setup (which used to be known as the Session Planner).

Note: This video shows an older version of Butter. But it still gets most of the juicy details right.

Butter Rooms 101

A Butter room isn’t just a meeting link. It’s so much more!

  • You plan sessions in a room. Your room is home to your agenda, your tools, and your collaborators.
  • You run sessions from a room. Participants can join your sessions by visiting your room link.
  • Recaps are also available for each room. You can access previous session recordings, chat logs, poll results, and more.

Each Butter room has its own permanent, customizable URL, so you only need to share the room link once and people can re-join it for every session.

What types of rooms should you create?

Because each room has its own agenda, tools, and collaborators, you should create a purpose-built room for each type of session you run. For example:

  • A room for weekly stand-ups
  • A room for design sprints
  • A room for retrospectives
  • A room for team socials
  • A room for each client, etc.

Your options are limitless - you can create as many rooms as you’d like!

Room roles

When you create a room, you are the room owner.

But nobody should Butter alone! You can invite collaborators to help you set up your rooms, and viewers who can see the agenda and their previous session recaps.

For full details on what each room role can do, check out 🤝Room Roles & Permissions.

Rooms and workspaces

Every room is part of a workspace, making it easy to share your rooms with your team. You can make a room publicly visible to your entire workspace or hide it so that only people you invite to the room can find it.

If you can’t find a room, it might be another workspace! For more info, see .

Inviting participants

To invite someone to a session in your room, you just need to send them the room link! They don’t need to be invited to the room as a collaborator or a viewer.

See Inviting ParticipantsInviting Participants for more details on inviting people to your amazing sessions!

Start a session

When you’re ready to start a session in your room, you can either:

  • Select ‘Start session’ from the room menu bar
  • Select ‘Start session’ from the room in your workspace HomeHome
  • Visit the room link directly as the room owner or collaborator

See for more details.

A note on starting sessions: Only the room owner and collaborators with Pro memberships can start sessions from a room. See 🤝Room Roles & Permissions for more details on who can start the party!

Creating a room

You need at least one room to run a session! To create your first room, click ‘+ New Room’ in the top-right corner of the main Butter dashboard. You can also create a room from the Rooms tab.

You’ll be prompted to:

  • Enter a room name: Make it good!
  • Select a room cover photo: This will appear in your Rooms list and the waiting room (don’t worry, you can change it later)
  • Select who can see this room: When your room is set to public, everyone in your workspace can see the room and join it. If your room is set to private, only the people you invite to the room can discover it.

Then, just click 'Create room' to get started.

Accessing your rooms

To access your rooms, go to the Rooms section of your workspace. Here, you’ll find your most Recently used rooms and a list of All rooms you have access to within your workspace.


The All rooms list dropdown lets you select between three types of rooms:

  • Created by me: These are the rooms you own
  • Shared with me: These are rooms you’ve been invited to as a collaborator or viewer
  • All rooms: These are all of the above rooms, plus public rooms in your workspace. You can access these rooms as a viewer.

Setting up a room: Planning your sessions

To edit a room, navigate to the room from the Rooms menu and select ‘Setup’.

The room setup has seven tabs to help you customize your session experience:

1. Overview

The room Overview gives everyone an at at-a-glance view of everything in the room. This includes:

  • The workspace description
  • The people in the room (including the room owner, collaborators, and viewers)
  • The room’s agenda
  • The room’s toolbox (visible to collaborators only)
  • Recent room recaps
Your room overview is visible to both workspace collaborators and viewers, so it’s a great way to show off your agenda before a session.

2. Settings

The Settings tab lets you edit the room’s general settings, including the room name, URL, description, visibility, and recording defaults.

Set the room name and URL

You can customize the Room name and the Room URL to make your invite link more user friendly.

Customize your workspace URL too!

To make your room URL even more user-friendly, set your Workspace URL from your . That’s the “butterhq” part of the URL above.

Write a room description

You can also set a Description to explain the purpose of the room for your fellow collaborators! The description will only be visible to room viewers and collaborators (not participants).


Set the room to public or private

You can make your room discoverable to other members of your workspace by setting the room to public. When your room is set to public, anyone in your workspace can add themselves to the room as a viewer.

If you set the room to private, only people you invite to the room as collaborators or viewers will see the room.


Turn on automatic recording

Always forget to hit record? You can turn on automatic recording either when the session starts or when you start the agenda.


3. Waiting room

In the Waiting room tab, you can set your room’s cover photo, music, background color, agenda visibility, and more.


Your waiting room is where your participants land when they visit your room’s link. The waiting room is meant to set the mood before your session while your participants wait for you to admit them to the room.

Your waiting room is where your participants land when they visit your room’s link. The waiting room is meant to set the mood before your session while your participants wait for you to admit them to the room.

Your participants can set their video and audio up right in the waiting room - and even test them! It only takes about 30 seconds.

Craft the perfect waiting room

To learn how to set the mood with a waiting room, check out .

4. People

Butter is built for planning and running complex sessions, so sometimes you’ll need a hand from a collaborator.

In the People tab, you can invite people to join your room as collaborators or viewers. You can add people from your workspace or invite people via email.

Collaborate on your room setup

To learn how to collaborate together on setting up your room, check out Shared RoomsShared Rooms.

5. Agenda

The room’s Agenda tab is where it all comes together into a smooth session plan.


Your is made up of blocks. For each agenda block, you can include a title, time estimate, description, tools, facilitator notes, and more.

The kicker is that you can add your tools and activities directly to an agenda block! To access your tools during a live session, all you need to do is click ‘Start’ from the agenda block. 💫

Master the Agenda Planner

For a full tutorial on how to use the Agenda Planner, check out .

6. Toolbox

You can prepare specific resources or activities for each room from the Toolbox tab.

Any tool you add to your ToolboxToolbox—whether it’s a music playlist, a Miro board, or an entire breakout session—will be available during any session in your room.

Just select ‘+ Add Tool’ to add a tool to your room.

Dive into your Toolbox

To learn how to load up tools before and during your sessions, check out: ToolboxToolbox.

7. Recaps

A room’s Recaps tab is home to all the previous Recaps: Your session wrapped!Recaps: Your session wrapped! from sessions held this room. Recaps include:

  • The participant list
  • Chat logs
  • Shared and personal notes
  • Poll results (collaborators only)
  • Recordings (collaborators only)

Room collaborators will be able to access full recaps, whereas viewers will only be able to see participants, chat logs, and personal notes.

are not shared automatically with all participants, but you can share a recording link with participants after the session. You can even download and share the GIFs from your session’s recordings!

Read up on recaps

See Recaps: Your session wrapped!Recaps: Your session wrapped! to learn all there is to know about session recaps.

And then check out RecordingsRecordings to learn how to record your sessions.

Start a session

Once you’ve set up your room, it’s time to run a session! Just click ‘Start session’ on the right to get going.


Butter Rooms FAQ

Do I need to invite participants from the room setup for them to be able to join a session?

No! Anyone can join a Butter session. You just need to send them your room link. See Inviting ParticipantsInviting Participants for more details.

Do room collaborators have to be members of my workspace?

Nope! You can invite guests outside your workspace to collaborate on room setup. Room-level permissions are separate from workspace-level permissions.

Do room collaborators count towards my workspace Basic member limit?

No. Guest room collaborators don’t count towards your workspace.

Can guest room collaborators access my workspace library?

No. Only members of your workspace can access your library items.

See Library: Get inspired!Library: Get inspired! for more details.

Who can see my public rooms?

Only members of your workspace can see your public rooms. People outside your workspace can’t discover your room unless you invite them to it.