Setting up a new room

Setting up a new room


Rooms are where you plan and run your sessions. Each room has its own URL, which means you can design a unique participant experience with different resources for each room. This makes it easy to re-use your rooms, plans, and resources for multiple sessions ♻️ 

📽️ Video explainer: Session Planner

Here’s a quick video tour of the room setup, also known as the Session Planner.

Create a room

All of your rooms are available from the main Butter dashboard. To create your first room, just click ‘+ New Room’.

Then, just enter the name of your room and click 'Create room' to get started.


Edit an existing room

To modify an existing room, just go to your dashboard and click ‘Setup’ on the room you want to edit.

What’s in a room?

The room setup, also known as the Session Planner, has five tabs to help you customize your workshop experience.

Room overview - Customize your invite link 🔗

To access your Butter session, all your participants need is the link to your room.

In the Overview tab, you can customize the Session name and the Session URL to make your invite link more user friendly.


To make your session URL even more user-friendly, you can customize your workspace name (e.g. tom in the example above) in your Account settings →, you can also customize your workspace name to make it even more friendly

Waiting room - Jazz up the pre-workshop experience 🎶

When a participant visits your room’s URL, they’ll enter the Waiting room.

From there, they can request to join the session or enter immediately (if you enable that setting).

Since the waiting room is the first thing your participants will experience, it’s a key part of setting the mood for your session.


The learn more, check out the guide for Designing your Waiting Room →.

Facilitators - Get a helping hand 🤝

Butter is built for planning and running complex sessions, so sometimes you’ll need a hand from a co-facilitator.

On the Facilitators tab, you can invite co-facilitators to join your room as a collaborator via email.


To learn more, check out our guides on Shared Rooms → or hosting a session with Co-facilitators →.

Toolbox - Prepare your resources 🧰

You can prepare specific resources or activities for each room with the Toolbox.

Any tool you add to your Toolbox—whether it’s a music playlist, a Miro board, or an entire breakout session—will be available during any session in your room.

Just select ‘+ Add Tool’ to add a tool to your room.


To see what the Toolbox is like inside a session, check out the Toolbox: preparing resources → guide.

Agenda - Bring it all together 📕

The Agenda is where it all comes together into a smooth session plan.

Your agenda is made up of blocks. For each agenda block, you can include a title, time estimate, description, tools, and private notes.

The kicker is that you can add your tools and activities directly to an agenda block! You can add any tool from your Toolbox, or add a new tool.


To access your tools during a live session, all you need to do is click ‘Start’ from the agenda block. 💫


There’s a lot more to the Agenda Planner, so check out the complete guide to the Agenda →.