Designing your Waiting Room

Designing your Waiting Room

Want to set your participants' energy right before they join your workshop?

Then designing your waiting room is a great move! 🎨

It's the first thing that any participant will see when they arrive for your workshop, and ensures a delightful welcome for people attending your session.

First thing you need to do, is head to Setup on the room you want to design.


A unique cover image

Add a personal touch to your Waiting Room to set the mood just right! You can upload an image or a GIF that will show together the name of your Room.

It can look like this:


To add a cover image, you can either upload your own image, find one on Unsplash or pick a Gif you like via Giphy.


If you upload your own graphics, you can upload either JPEG, PNG or GIF (recommended size is 460x600 pixels!). Don't worry, you can crop any picture of any resolution to make it a perfect fit!

Once you like how it's cropped, click 'Save' and you'll have a Cover Image set up for your Waiting Room!

Setting background color

To spice up the waiting room even more you can pick a background color that you like as well.


The perfect waiting music

Make your waiting room experience delightful by adding some music to the atmosphere!

Pick one of the tunes from our buttery-smooth collection, and have your participants in an upbeat, chill, jazzy or soulful mood even before entering your workshop!


Showing the Agenda to guests

To get participants aligned on what your session will cover, you can optionally choose to show the Agenda items in the waiting room.

This defaults to not visible.


Knocking (privacy settings)

Use the Knock-knock settings to help keep the right people in and the wrong people out.

When this is enabled, anyone who wants to join your session has to request to join, and wait until you let them in. This makes your room private and protects it from unwanted visitors.

When disabled, participants can freely join your session without needing your approval.

Toggle 'Request to join' on the bottom to enable or disable this setting.

Once the session has started, you might not want to accept every single request and you can therefore


(Knock-knock setting in the 'Waiting Room' tab within a live session)


Protip: Have many people knocking after your large workshop has started? Disable the Waiting Room when you're in the call to let people in without disturbance!

Preview your waiting experience

Lastly, you can click 'Full Preview' to see how things look to participants as they arrive for your workshop! This helps you feel certain that everything looks picture perfect ✨