Your Toolbox allows you to add resources and activities to a room in advance — including breakouts, polls, timers, music, Miro boards, whiteboards, and more. Nobody likes to fumble around with a million tools, links, and tabs during a live session. That’s why the Toolbox exists.

📽️ Video explainer: Toolbox

Here’s everything you need to know about the Butter Toolbox in 60 seconds 👇

1. Preparing tools

Preparing your tools is simple! Just head to the room you want to set up, select the ‘Toolbox’ tab, and then ‘+ Add Tool’.

Note: Each of your rooms has its own unique Toolbox, so make sure you’re adding your tools in the right room.

2. Using tools in a session

You can easily access your toolbox during a live session in a few clicks. Just click the ‘Toolbox’ button on the right panel.

If you didn’t prepare an activity, don’t worry! You can always add tools directly from within a live session as well.

3. Adding tools to the agenda

If you already know when you’ll need to access a tool, you can attach it directly to an agenda block.

This keeps you organized and makes it ultra-easy to access your tools at exactly the right moment.

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