Agenda: Deliver smoothly

Agenda: Deliver smoothly


The best workshops follow a structured plan and the time-boxed Agenda helps you plan every step, activity, and resource for your session so you can deliver it smoothly. But it’s flexible, so you prepare everything before the session but also manage it during the session.


📽️ Video explainer: the Agenda Planner

Here’s a two-minute tour of how to create an amazing agenda. 👇

Agenda Blocks

The agenda is made up of blocks. Each agenda block can be customized to your needs with a:

  • Title: The name of the agenda item
  • Description: A description or instructions for participants
  • Duration: Time estimate (with the option to show time to participants or not)
  • Tools: Apps and activities that will be used for this agenda block
  • Private notes: Notes and scripts for the facilitators

Each of these blocks can have a lot of information. Here’s an example of what a fully prepared block looks like during the session.


But there's a lot more to the agenda, so let’s walk through each of the configurations.

Tools — Resources and Activities

The best part of the agenda is the ability to make your tools accessible within Butter with just one click.


For example, here’s an agenda block with a Miro board. How fast was that? 👀


To add a tool to a block, you can set one up from scratch by clicking ‘+ Add new tool’, or you can also quick-add a tool that’s already in your Toolbox.


If you’d like to learn more about the individual tools, here are some guides to explore:

Duration — Keep things on track

You can set an estimated time duration for each agenda block to keep everything on schedule. ⏱

For each agenda block, the timer slowly fills up in green and turns red when the designated time is up.


Whether or not participants can see the agenda duration is optional (maybe you only need to keep yourself on track!)

To turn off the agenda clock for participants, change ‘Show time to participants’ to ‘No’.


Facilitator notes — For facilitators’ eyes only 👀

Participants can’t see your facilitator notes. So throw out that Word document where you plan your scripts, and put them directly into your agenda instead!


What can participants see?

Here’s an example of what your agenda looks like to participants.

They don’t see your tools. They don’t see the private notes. And they only see the time estimate if you enable it.


Editing the Agenda during a session

Sometimes, your agenda will need a bit of tweaking as the session unfolds.

No problemo! You can edit your agenda blocks, change the order, and add or delete blocks on the fly. 🚀

Just click the ‘Agenda’ button on the right-hand side, select the three dots (...) and edit away!