Video Player

Video Player

Videos are a great way to inspire, inform or simply entertain your participants. Whatever you're looking to do, we've made it super easy by having YouTube and Vimeo integrated directly inside Butter!

🎥 Video explainer: Butter Video player

Here’s a 60-second tour of how to play videos from both Youtube and Vimeo in Butter.

Use the video player to play videos from Youtube and Vimeo

1. Preparing Video before session

You can prepare all the videos you want to launch before the session in the Room Setup menu. Go to the Toolbox tab, select Add Tool, select Video, and then paste a link from either YouTube, Vimeo or an MP4 hosting service.

You’re now able to launch a video directly from the Toolbox during the session.

2. Launching Video during the session

When you’re in the session, you can launch the video directly from the Toolbox. Click the Toolbox icon on the right hand side, and select the video that you’ve saved in your Toolbox

You can also add a video during the session. Just click New Tool instead and follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

3. Are videos synchronized for all participants?

Yes, the facilitator has the ability to control where everyone should be watching. This is great when you only want to show a few minutes from a longer video or just make sure that everyone is getting the same information!

Only the facilitator can pause the video.

4. Troubleshooting video

If the video isn’t showing or playing for your participants, it is likely due to one of the following issues.

4.1. Video not playing

If participants are seeing the video thumbnail of the video, but the video isn’t playing or buffering a lot, it is likely that it is caused by their network connection. For connection related issues, the best suggestion is to make sure that participants:

  1. sit as close to their network router as possible or, if available, use a cabled connection.
  2. don't have other streaming services or downloads running simultaneously (i.e. Netflix, Youtube, etc.)

4.2. Video blocked

If participants are seeing an error message or a grey screen, it is most likely due to using either an ad blocker or joining the session in incognito mode. Both will block third party tools that are embedded into Butter such as Youtube, Miro, Mural and Google Docs. Joining without incognito or disabling the adblocker should help. A refresh may be necessary.

Other embedded tools

Apart from the Video player, Butter offers a number of other embedded tools, like:

Miro in ButterMiro in ButterMural in ButterMural in ButterGoogle Drive in ButterGoogle Drive in ButterWhiteboardWhiteboard

Integrations in Butter

On top of embedded tools, Butter also integrates with a number of services. Check them here:

Butter for SlackButter for SlackGoogle Calendar and ButterGoogle Calendar and ButterCalendly and ButterCalendly and ButterCron and ButterCron and and and ButterStreamyard and ButterStreamyard and Butter

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