YouTube in Butter

YouTube in Butter

Videos are a great way to inspire, inform or simply entertain your participants. Whatever you're looking to do, we've made it super easy by having YouTube integrated directly inside Butter!

🎥 Video explainer: YouTube in Butter

Here’s a 60-second tour of how to play YouTube videos in Butter.

Launching YouTube

YouTube can be launched in a few clicks whenever you need from the Integrations panel on the right. Then just paste in the link to your video and voila! ✨


Queuing multiple videos

You can easily queue multiple videos in the tabs or simply use it to add a new video without losing the previous one.


Are videos synchronized for all participants?

Yes, the facilitator has the ability to control where everyone should be watching. This is great when you only want to show a few minutes from a longer video or just make sure that everyone is getting the same information!

More integrations

YouTube is just one of the many Butter integrations. Here’s an overview of all them: