Whiteboards are built for fun and effective virtual collaboration for everyone in your room.

Launching a Whiteboard in Session

Go to the Toolbox on the left hand side, choose New Tool and Whiteboard. If you want to start it right away, choose Start Now.

Pro tip: Your whiteboards will be saved and accessible in your session recaps!

Preparing a Whiteboard before the session

You can set up a Whiteboard before the session takes place by going to the Room you’ll run the session in. Go to the Toolbox. Choose Add Tool and add a Whiteboard.

You can then launch this Whiteboard during the session - and access it after the session.

Other embedded tools

Apart from the Butter Whiteboard, Butter offers a number of other embedded tools, like:

Miro in ButterMiro in ButterMural in ButterMural in ButterGoogle Drive in ButterGoogle Drive in ButterVideo PlayerVideo Player

Integrations in Butter

On top of embedded tools, Butter also integrates with a number of services. Check them here:

Butter for SlackButter for SlackGoogle Calendar and ButterGoogle Calendar and ButterCalendly and ButterCalendly and ButterCron and ButterCron and ButterCal.com and ButterCal.com and ButterStreamyard and ButterStreamyard and Butter

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