Mural in Butter

Mural in Butter

Take your problem-solving sessions, team planning workshops, and collaboration to the next level with a mural embedded directly in Butter. You can use your existing murals, or find inspiration in one of the hundreds of Mural templates.

🎥 Video Explainer: Mural in Butter

Here’s Jakob to show you how to add murals to your toolbox and your agenda, and how to use them during a Butter session.

Launching Mural

Opening Mural in Butter is as easy as Sunday morning.

You just need to click on the ‘Toolbox’ icon on your right, select ‘Mural’, and then log in to your account to access the murals you’ve already created.


You can also add murals to your agenda block while you’re setting it up. All you need to do is select ‘Add new tool’ and select the mural you want to use.


You can navigate within your murals as normal after you’ve opened them up in Butter! 💫 

Everything you create during a session automatically gets saved back to your Mural account.

Make sure to have 'Anyone with the link can edit' enabled to allow people to collaborate on your mural.

Mural Integration FAQs

Do I need a Mural account?

Do my participants need a Mural account?

Will Mural be recorded in my session recordings?

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