Butter for Slack

Butter for Slack

With the Butter app for Slack you can connect Butter to Slack and integrate Butter more seamlessly into your workflow. Once installed you’ll be able to launch sessions, access rooms, see upcoming sessions and more!

Installing Butter for Slack

To start using Butter in Slack, you will first need to install the Butter app from the Slack app store.

Direct link to install: Add to Slack

Additionally, you can find Butter for Slack in two ways:

  1. The link to the app is also available from Personal Settings under Integrations on your Butter account.
  2. Search for Butter in the Slack App Directory.
By default, Slack apps can only be installed by someone with permission to manage apps on your Slack workspace. Read more about how to manage apps & workflows in Slack.

Connecting Slack to Butter

Once Butter for Slack has been installed on your Slack workspace, you can connect your Butter workspace (please see above for instructions to install Butter for Slack). To connect your Butter workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Go to any channel in your Slack workspace
  2. Type the command /butter start and press return.
  3. Click the button to Connect Butter
  4. In the browser, select the Butter workspace you want to connect and click Connect to Slack
  5. Note: You must be logged in to your Butter account to connect your workspace.

  6. You’ll now be taken back to Slack with Butter connected ✅
Any member of your Slack workspace that wants to use the Butter app for Slack, will need to connect it to Butter.

Slack commands for using Butter

With the Butter app for Slack installed you have access to a number of nifty commands that you can use directly from Slack in any channel!

Here is a quick overview:

  1. /Butter start - Launch an instant session.
    1. Requires that you’ve set your default room. See how to set a default room below.
  2. /Butter rooms - Quickly access any one of your rooms and setups
  3. /Butter cal - Get an overview of your upcoming sessions for the day, including event names, times, and room links.
    1. This requires that you’ve connected your calendar. See how to connect your Google calendar in Butter here.
Bonus: Any member in your Slack workspace will be able to join a session you launch. After you click Start session they will see a button to Join session! Note: Only works in public channels or channels where Butter has been manually invited.

Setting up your default room

To use the quick start command /butter start, you will need to select one of your Butter rooms as your default room.

Here’s how you set a room as your default room:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right on any room card.
  2. Select ‘Set as default room’.
  3. Confirm your choice.

You can change your default room at any time, by going through the same process again.

Setting your default room in Butter
Setting your default room in Butter


To make use of the Butter app for Slack, you will need:

Butter account

Slack account:

Gallery: See the app in action

Join sessions with a click!
Join sessions with a click!
Access your rooms!
Access your rooms!
 Quick start sessions!
Quick start sessions!
See your calendar for the day!
See your calendar for the day!

Need help? We’re only a click away 🤗

We’re always here to help! Get in touch with the team on support@butter.us or reach us directly from butter.us via the chat widget in the bottom right.

We’re only one click away ❤️
We’re only one click away ❤️

Other integrations in Butter

I addition to Slack, Butter also integrates with a number of other services. Check them here:

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