Google Calendar and Butter

Google Calendar and Butter

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1. Butter in your Google Calendar

You can more easily send out Butter invites by integrating Butter directly into your Google Calendar

Install the Butter Google Workspace add-on

To start, install the Butter Google Workspace add-on.

This will let you select Butter as your video conferencing platform when scheduling a Google Calendar event.

Add Butter to your invites

Once you’ve installed the add-on, create a new calendar event, and choose ‘Add video conferencing’.

Click ‘Log in’, log into your Butter account, and then select the relevant room. Close the Butter pop-up window, and your invite link will now be attached to the event invite.

Now, you can invite whoever you want to this event. It’s that easy!


2. Google Calendar in Butter

It’s easier to send invites, see and plan your upcoming sessions, and update existing invites with Butter links if you connect Butter to your calendar. Let’s connect!

Connecting your Google calendar

Our large hard-to-miss buttons 😃 Click the right one here
Our large hard-to-miss buttons 😃 Click the right one here

On your Butter dashboard, you will see two large Buttons at the top.

  • Click the button that says ‘Connect calendar’.
  • Select Sign in with Google
  • Go through the Google connect flow
    • Make sure you give Butter access to the requested permissions for the calendar to work as intended.

Your calendar should now be connected!

Once connected, you will see:

  • The calendar that you have connected
  • An option to show Butter events (events that have Butter links) or All events (any event from your calendar)

You can change to another calendar if necessary at any time.

Create event invites from Butter

You can create a Google Calendar invite from within Butter by clicking 'Invite via Google Calendar' in the ‘Invite’ dropdown menu in the room of your choice.

This will open up a Google Calendar invite in your default browser. Your Room name and link will automatically be added to the event invite.

See Inviting ParticipantsInviting Participants for more details.

Plan upcoming sessions

Butter allows you to schedule sessions and send calendar invites to your participants straight from the dashboard. Just click ‘Plan session’ on the dashboard. You can add relevant details for the planned session like the title, participants, room link and description.

You can also set the scheduled time for the session to take place, just like you would in Google Calendar.

Once the details have been filled out, click ‘Add to my calendar’ and you’ll have the event created in your calendar - and the participants you invited will too!

See your upcoming sessions

You can also connect your Google Calendar to see your upcoming sessions.

From the main Rooms dashboard, select ‘Log in with Google.’ This will allow you to see all upcoming sessions, including those you’re hosting and those you’re invited to.

From here, you can join or start any upcoming session in one click—no need to go to your calendar.


More integrations

Google Calendar is just one of the many integrations in Butter. Check out our other integrations:

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