Inviting participants

Inviting participants

To invite participants to join your Butter room, you can click the 'Invite' button at the top-right of the Room Setup page or during a live session. You can also add Butter links to your Google Calendar invites with the Butter Google Workspace add-on.

🎥 Video explainer: Inviting participants

Here’s Jakob to show you how to invite participants from your room setup, during a session, or with the Google Calendar integration.

Options for inviting participants before a session

Because all Butter sessions are hosted in rooms, you will always be inviting participants to a room. This is a permanent link that will work for any session hosted in that room.

There are three options for inviting participants to your room before a session:


1. Copy meeting invite link

The easiest way to invite people to your room is to copy your meeting invite link. This can be accessed from two locations:

a. The ‘...’ menu from your main Rooms dashboard:


b. The ‘Invite’ button or ‘Room URL’ field in your room setup screen:


Just click on 'Copy meeting room link' to copy your invite link to your clipboard. You can share it in an email, Slack message, Twitter DM, or Calendly invite.

2. Create a Google Calendar invite

From the same locations, you can also choose to open up a Google Calendar invite.

Click on 'Invite via Google Calendar' in the ‘Invite’ dropdown menu. This will open up a Google Calendar invite in your default browser. Your Room name and link will automatically be added to the event invite.

3. Install the Butter Google Workspace add-on

You can also invite people to a Butter room directly from within Google Calendar.

To start, install the Butter Google Workspace add-on and follow the prompts.

Once this is installed, create a new calendar event, and choose ‘Add video conferencing’.

Click ‘Log in’, log into your Butter account, and then select the relevant room. Close the Butter pop-up window, and your invite link will now be attached to the event invite.


For more details on the Google Calendar add-on, see


Invite participants during a live session

Once you're in a live session, you can still invite people by clicking the ‘Invite’ icon in the top-right-hand corner and copying the room link.