Making it interactive

Making it interactive

Collaborating with strangers can be awkward 😬 You know it, I know it, we all know it.

Whether it’s solving a problem or brainstorming ideas, teamwork between people who just met 10 minutes ago is just kinda… meh.

You should solve that by getting participants to interact with each other early on and throughout the workshop. Read this guide and you’ll never run another ice cold workshop.

Moderate with the Raise Hand Queue πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

In virtual workshops, things can get messy when people talk on top of each other during discussions or when they don't know how to get a question in during Q&As. Moderating is a breeze with the Raise Hand Queue.

When you're ready to start the discussion going, just ask participants raise their hand on the Queue button on the left bar to share an idea, comment or question.


Once they do, you need to select the person in the Queue to give them the word β€” and voila, it's moderation made easy!



Protip: A quick trick to get participants familiar with how the Queue works is to ask an icebreaker question in the beginning of your workshop. You're at a karaoke party and it's your turn to sing, what song do you pick? 🎀 This way, not only does everyone get a chance to use their voice, but they also get more comfortable with using the Hand-up feature.

Giving participants the word 🎀

The participant often views things differently from you as a facilitator. When you give someone the word, the yellow box below appears and the speaker is automatically unmuted.



Protip: Try the keyboard shortcut! Press Q + 1 for Comment, Q + 2 for Question, Q + 3 for Idea.

Express yourself with an Emoji Reaction πŸŽ‰

It's so easy to feel bored and distant in virtual workshops.

It's easy to up the energy of your sessions by using the Reactions while others are speaking β€” it gives them instant feedback and encouragement when you let them know that you 😍 the topic or are πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ about the presentation.


To share a reaction, all you need to do is select any of the 10 reactions from the "React" button on the left bar. It's an easy way to share how you're feeling and get everyone energised during the session.


Protip: Use R + (the reaction number from 0-9) for quick keyboard shortcuts!

Say it in the Chat πŸ’¬

Using Chat during workshops allows participants to share their thoughts or questions without interrupting the flow of whoever's speaking or presenting.



Protip: Want participants to share how they're feeling in a fun and engaging way? Ask them to share their mood with a GIF!

Private Messages

If you're co-facilitating, it's important when relaying information or instructions to your fellow facilitators that everyone doesn't need to know about.

And sometimes, you just need to share something in a direct message to the facilitator or another participant (like when you need to pee in the middle of a long workshop!)



Protip: Want to be the fastest in sharing witty replies? Use the keyboard shortcuts! Press 'C' to open the Chat and 'Esc' to close it.

Facilitator only chat

You can also message with other co-facilitators in the Facilitators Only channel β€” all without needing to switch apps!

Pop out the chat

If you need more space to see people's faces or collaborate in full screen mode, the chat dialog can be a bit annoying. That's why you can open it in a completely separate window by popping it out 🍾

This works wonders when you have an extra monitor to place it in!


Broadcasting during Breakout Rooms

During Breakout sessions you might have something to say to everyone in your and that's why you will have access to a channel called "All Rooms".

You can see exactly how it works here πŸ‘‰ Breakout Rooms, Broadcast Messages