Google Drive in Butter

Google Drive in Butter

Google Drive is directly integrated into Butter to make it easy to share Docs, Sheets, and Slides with all participants. More importantly, it makes it easy for everyone to collaborate on them — you don't need to share a link that everyone needs to open or log in to see. Just share and collaborate. 💫

🎥 Video explainer: Google Drive in Butter

Here’s a 90-second tour of how to collaborate on Google Slides in Butter.

Opening a Doc

Simply head to the Toolbox on your left-hand menu, click on Toolbox, and select the Google tool you want to use.

From there, you can create new Docs/Slides/Sheets or find existing ones.

Adding multiple docs into the Toolbox or Agenda

Need to access different docs in a single workshop? Effortlessly access different files while you're on Butter!

You just need to add the different files, and open them from the Toolbox or Agenda when you need it. Participants will only see the Doc that is currently active.

Setting sharing permissions

Once you have a Google doc open on Butter, everyone can start collaborating in real-time.

  • Creating a new Doc will set the sharing permission to Anyone with the link.
  • Opening an existing Doc will inherit the sharing permissions already set so the sharing permissions might need to be updated on your end.

To update sharing head to the document in your Google Drive account and set the access settings right (i.e. Viewer, Commenter, Editor access for anyone with the link) to unlock the collaborative juices!

More integrations

Google Drive is just one of the many integrations in Butter. Here’s an overview of all of them: