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📆 is an open source scheduling platform that easily lets you integrate things like scheduling, automations and more into your workflows. And best of all, you can easily use Butter links together with your setup ✨ See more:

Setting up Butter with your events in

  1. You will need to set up an account on
  2. When logged in, go to Event types in the sidebar.
  3. Select the event you want to add your Butter link to.
  4. Under Location, click the dropdown and select Other / Link meeting
  5. Paste in your desired Butter room link.
  6. Done ✅

Bonus: You can set up different Butter links for your events in!

Setting up Butter links in

Scheduling a session

Once you have your Butter links set up it is super easy for anyone to schedule sessions with you.

  1. Share your booking event booking link.
  2. Booked events will land in your connected calendar with the Butter link

Et voilà - easy peasy!

Shows the booking experience using


Is there a native Butter app for

Not yet. We do however have plans on building one! Let us know if you’d be using it!