Slides (PDF Presentations)

Slides (PDF Presentations)

PDF Presentations let you present slide decks within the Butter window without having to share your screen. This lets you present smoothly while keeping an eye on your participants.

🎥 Video Explainer: PDF Presentation

Here’s a 90-second tour from Jakob on how to upload PDFs and show them in your Butter session.

1. Prepare a PDF presentation

As with any other Butter tool, you can add a PDF to your Toolbox before or during a session.

1.1 Before a session

To add a PDF presentation before a session, go to your room toolbox or agenda, select ‘Add Tool’, and choose ‘Slides’ tool.

Then, just name your PDF, upload a file, hit ‘Save’, and you’re ready to go!

1.2 During a session

To upload a new PDF during a session, select ‘Toolbox’ from the left-hand menu, select ‘Add Tool’ and then ‘Slides’.

Then, just follow the prompts.

2. Present your PDF

You can launch your PDF by selecting ‘Toolbox’ from the right-hand menu and then selecting the Slides you’ve already uploaded.

Or, if you’ve added your PDF to your agenda, you can start it by navigating to the relevant agenda block and hitting ‘Start’.

Pro-tip: Drag-and-drop to upload PDFs directly in session or in your room toolbox to upload!

Then, just navigate through your slides to take people through your amazing presentation!

Tip: If you’re using slides to lead a discussion, try spicing things up with Flashcard Decks instead! They’re a more fun, interactive way to connect with each other. See FlashcardsFlashcards for more info.

PDF Presentation FAQ

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