Flashcard Decks

Flashcard Decks

Flashcards allow you to create your own customizable decks for sparking conversations and running icebreakers. Flashcards are a great way to engage your participants and create stronger connections. 🥰


🎥 Video explainer: Flashcard decks

Here’s Chris showcasing how to set up flashcard decks, add them to breakouts, and use them in-session!

Creating a flashcard deck

As with any tool in Butter, you can either create flashcard decks:

  • in your room’s toolbox before a session; or
  • live during a session from the ‘Toolbox’ menu.

To create a new flashcard deck before a session, go to your toolbox in the room setup screen.

Select ‘Add Tool’ and then ‘Flashcard Deck’.


Give your deck a name and then select ‘Add new card’ to add your first card.

You can add as many cards as you’d like to a deck—there’s no limit! Go nuts.

Then just hit ‘Save’ and you’re ready to go. 🙌

Flashcard types

If you like variety, you’re in luck! There are nine different card formats to choose from, including both basic and interactive cards.

Basic cards

Basic cards are just your standard flashcards with text, image, and/or video. They’re great for prompting discussion.

There are six basic cards to choose from:

  1. Text only
  2. Text and image
  3. Image and text
  4. Image/video and text
  5. Video only
  6. Image/gif only

You can also:

  • Flip your flashcard: Ever wished that the flashcard had a backside? Now it does! Flip the card and add text on the back.
  • Randomise your deck: Enable to have your deck shuffled when using it in your session!

Here’s an example of a text and image card in use during a live session:

Thor, imo. ⚡️
Thor, imo. ⚡️

Interactive cards

With interactive cards, participants can stamp their avatar anywhere on the flashcard. There are three types of interactive cards:

  1. Either or images: Use them for quick icebreaker votes (E.g. Are you a dog or a cat person?)
  2. Either or text: Great for “would you rather” questions!
  3. Image/video and text: Ask people to stamp themselves on a picture, video, map, chart, or scale.
Getting people to tag themselves on a map with an interactive image and text card is a great icebreaker!
Getting people to tag themselves on a map with an interactive image and text card is a great icebreaker!

Adding images, videos, and GIFs

To add images and GIFs to your cards, you can:

  • choose a free image from the Unsplash image library
  • choose a free GIF from the Giphy library; or
  • upload your own image.

For videos, you can upload your own video.

Here’s the wonderful Unsplash library.
Here’s the wonderful Unsplash library.
Coming soon: Soon, you’ll be able to save and reuse decks across rooms and even share decks with other Butter users.

Using flashcard decks in-session

Once you’ve created a flashcard deck in your room toolbox, you can access the deck during your live sessions.

To access the deck in session, open up your ‘Toolbox’ menu and select the deck you created in your room setup.


Using flashcard decks in breakouts

Flashcards are a great way to encourage discussion and debate in breakouts!

Breakouts setup

You can assign flashcard decks to your breakouts in advance from your toolbox.

  • After you’ve created your flashcard deck, go to the breakout you want to assign the cards to.
  • From the left menu, choose ‘Tools’ > ‘Flashcard Deck’
  • For Groups, flashcard decks will be assigned to all groups. For Rooms, you can choose which rooms to assign the deck to.
  • Then, select the specific flashcard deck that you want to add.
  • Just hit ‘Save’ and you’re ready to go!


During breakouts

Once your breakouts start, each room or group will have access to the flashcard deck you created!

In breakouts, any participant can control the deck. So each breakout can run through the deck on their own.

In the main room, only facilitators can control the deck.