Music Playlists

Music Playlists

Set the mood for your session with music playlists—whether it’s for upping the energy, creating focus time, or hosting a dance party! You can create a playlist from the Toolbox tab in your room setup before a session, or from the Toolbox menu during a live session. Just paste in YouTube or Soundcloud links and hit play. 💃

🎥 Video explainer: Music playlists

Here’s Jakob with a 90-second tour of Butter’s music playlists. 👇

Create a music playlist

To create a playlist before a session, go to your room toolbox, select ‘Add Tool’, and choose ‘Music Playlist’.

Start by giving your playlist a name (only you will see this).

Then, you can add as many songs as you’d like to your playlist by copy-pasting in links from YouTube or Soundcloud.

You can also reorder your playlist by dragging and dropping songs into any order.

Just hit ‘Save’ and you’re good to go!


Add your playlist to your agenda

As with any tool, you have the option to add your music playlist to an agenda block.

To do this, just go to the ‘Agenda’ tab in your room setup, navigate to the agenda block where you want to add your music playlist, select ‘Add new tool’, and then select the music playlist you already created.


Open your music playlists in-session

You have two options for accessing your music playlist during a session. From your Toolbox or from your Agenda.

From your Toolbox

To access your music playlist from your Toolbox, just select ‘Toolbox’ from the right-hand menu and select the playlist you created. Your playlist will start playing right away!


From your Agenda

If you’ve added your playlist to an agenda block, you can also access your music from your agenda. Just navigate to the agenda block and hit ‘Start’ to enjoy your sweet, sweet tunes.


Editing your music playlist in-session

If inspiration strikes, you have the power to add songs to your playlist in-session.

To edit your playlist in-session, find it in your Toolbox, hit ‘...’, and select ‘Edit’. Once you edit your playlist, just hit ‘Save’ and the changes will be appear immediately.


Play your tunes 🎶

Once your playlist is playing, you can control the volume (for yourself), pause, skip to the next or previous songs, or see your entire playlist at a glance.


You can also expand the music player if you want to see the YouTube video or Soundcloud art as the song plays.


Music Playlist FAQ

Is the audio streamed from my device or from my participants’?

The music is streamed locally on each participant’s device.

Who can control the music?

Only facilitators can control the music playlist. Participants can only adjust the volume locally.

Do I control the volume for everyone?

No, each participant controls their own volume locally.

What do participants see?

Participants only see the current song, its progress timeline, and volume controls.


They can also expand the player to watch the video in a small window.


Are music playlists available for mobile participants?

Yes, mobile participants can still hear your music!

Other ways to play music in Butter

There are more ways than one to jazz up your Butter sessions. You can also: