Got an activity you want to complete under a specific amount of time? Use a Countdown Timer and stop when it beeps! It's a handy way to keep your momentum going during a session, and helps keep your participants mindful of how much time they have for exercises and activities.

🎥 Video explainer: Timers

Here’s a 2-minute tour of how to create timers in Butter.

1. Preparing a Timer

Timers can be created during live sessions and beforehand. We recommend prepping it beforehand in the Room Setup to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

Just go to your Toolbox. Then click Add Tool and choose Timer. You can set up everything related to the timer there.

Protip: Need to set an energetic pace to your activity? Use the Power Butter track for your timer to maximise the energy! If you want participants to stay chilled but focused during the activity, choose Soul Butter instead.

2. Starting a Timer

To start a timer, click the Toolbox menu and click the Timer you want to start.

You can also add a timer on the fly by clicking New Tool and following the same process as mentioned above.

3. Facilitator vs. Participant view

When you start a the timed activity the timer dialog appears on the screen for both you as a facilitator and your participants.


The difference is that you can stop the timer, and participants can call it done when they finish the activity.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on the Participants done count and stop the timer if you can see all your participants are already back from the break or done with the exercise to keep things moving.