A poll is the easiest way to everyone’s input, make a group decision, gather the best ideas, ask burning questions, or find the most popular ice cream flavor.

In Butter, there's no need to run these polls in a different app — just prep it ahead in your room and go!

🎥 Video explainer: Polls

Here’s a 2-minute tour of everything you need to know about creating polls in Butter.

1. Preparing a Poll

You can prep the Poll from the Room Setup to save yourself the hassle of creating a poll on the fly. Go to your Toolbox, choose Add Tool and choose Polls.

You have a choice between these types of polls:

1. Multiple Choice Your participants can only choose from the answers you give them. You can choose to keep it open or have a quiz-style format — perfect when there's a right or wrong answer in the mix!

  1. Open Ended Your participants can type in their own answer to your question and upvote on the answers they like the best. You can also choose a word cloud format.
Pro tip: Want your participants to answer honestly to really sensitive questions during your workshop? Keep the participants' answers anonymous by configuring it in the poll settings!

2. Starting a Poll

When you're ready to start the poll, simply click the Toolbox and choose the poll you want to start.

Once the poll ends, the results will be free for everyone to see.

Pro tip: Get participants energized even more when you're showing the answers to open-ended questions by getting participants to upvote on the responses they like the most (double-tap is the key!) and highlight the favorite responses to bring it to everyone's attention.

3. Creating a new poll on the fly

You easily create and edit your polls while you're in the session. Click the Toolbox on the right, choose Add Tool and create a poll to your liking. Then you can launch it by clicking the new poll in the Toolbox.

4. Accessing poll results after the session

Need to analyse the poll results at the end of a session? At the end of the workshop or meeting, you can view the poll results and export them as a CSV file either in the Room or under the Recaps in the Butter dashboard!

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