Paid workspaces have a recording pool that anyone in the workspace can use from. Each paid member contributes a certain number of hours to the pool, which resets monthly. If you’ve hit the workspace limit, you can enable extra recording at $3/hour if needed. Your recordings are stored on your account in the Recaps dashboard, and can be shared with participants and downloaded if needed.

🎥 Video tour: Recording your sessions

Here’s how to record your sessions!

How to record a session

To start recording your session, press the ‘Record’ button at the bottom of the left-hand panel.

It takes about 5 seconds for the recording to start.

Only facilitators have access to this option.


Once you start recording, your participants will see this notification.

To stop the recording, just hit the ‘Record’ button again.

Hot tip: Going to miss the start of your session and need someone else to hit ‘Record’? Make them a co-facilitator! To learn more, see

Record sessions automatically

If you want to record every session automatically in a room, select the ‘Record sessions automatically’ toggle from the Room Overview before your session.

You can also select to ‘Record only when Agenda starts’.


Create multiple recordings per session

You might want to record multiple bits and pieces of your session—but not the whole thing.

You can start and stop recording at any time with the ‘Record’ button and each recording will be saved separately.

After your session, each individual clip will be available for re-watch or download.

What’s included in a recording?

Recordings show a pared-down version of the main participant view. This includes:

  • The participant video gallery - including Spotlight Mode
  • All audio - including sound effects, music playlists, and YouTube videos
  • Reactions
  • All tools (except MURAL - see below)

Recording Miro boards: When recording a Miro board, it will NOT automatically follow the presenter view. To record your Miro sessions for later re-watch, use the ‘Bring everyone to me’ function in Miro. This feature is not available with free Miro accounts.

What’s not included in a recording?

The following are not included in your recordings:

  • Navigation items - such as menus, side panels, or buttons (we prefer to keep things clean!)
  • Chats - chat logs can be accessed from the Recaps dashboard
  • Breakouts - a “Breakouts in session” screen will be shown instead
  • Notifications
  • MURALs - At present, MURAL does not make it possible to record murals through their API. See
    Mural in Butter
    Mural in Butter
    for possible workarounds.

If you need to record any of the above Butter features that aren’t automatically included in recordings, we’d recommend using a third-party app that records your entire desktop and audio.

Access & download your recordings

To watch your session recordings, head to the Recaps tab from the main Butter dashboard and expand the relevant session. The session’s recording(s) are available from the ‘Recordings’ button.

You can copy the link to share, or download it if needed!


Your recordings will also be emailed to you after your session. It may be a few minutes after your session before your recordings become available.

Hot tip: You can find your recordings more easily by filtering your Recaps by ‘Contains: Recordings’.

Watch your recordings

To watch your recordings, just hit ‘Watch’ to load the video player. You can watch your recordings at 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, or 2x speed.

You can also see the total views of your recordings, including who watched the recording (if they are logged in to their Butter account).


Workspace recording pool

Only paid workspaces can record sessions on Butter. The amount of recording hours available in the workspace pool is tied to the type of workspace you have:

  • Free workspaces get 1 hour/month
  • Starter workspaces get 10 hours/month
  • Pro workspaces have unlimited recording

How to check how much recording hours you’ve used

Workspace owners and admins can head to the Settings > Workspace > Plan & billing tab to check how much hours have been used from the recording pool.


They will also get notified on the dashboard and via email if the workspace is close to the limit.

Activate pay-as-you-go recording

Extra recording (pay-as-you-go recording) lets workspaces continue recording even if the monthly recording pool has been consumed.

Extra recording hours are billed monthly and costs $3/hour started. It’s turned off by default, but can be turned on by workspace owners and admins.

If you want to activate it for your workspace, just turn it on under ‘Extra recording hours’ on Settings > Workspace > Plan & billing tab.


Recording FAQs

What is the recording quality?

All sessions are recorded in crystal-clear 720p.

Who can record a session?

Only facilitators, collaborators, and co-facilitators can record sessions. Participants can’t see the ‘Record’ button.

If I record multiple times in one session, will all my recordings be saved?

Yes, you can record multiple times per session and they’ll all be accessible as individual recordings. You won’t lose your first recording(s).

When do my recordings become available?

Recordings become available a few minutes after a session is ended for everyone. It will take a few minutes for recordings to process.

Can recordings be deleted?

No. Once you record, there’s no going back!!! If you need a recording deleted, message us through our Help Center.

Who can access my recordings?

Recordings can be accessed in the Recaps dashboard after a session by:

  • room collaborators; and
    • participants logged into their Butter account for your session, but only if you share the recording on the web.

Invitees who did not attend the session will not have access to the recordings in their Recaps.

To share your recordings with others, turn on ‘Share on the web’ from the ‘Watch recording’ screen.

Who can change recording sharing permissions?

Room owners and collaborators can turn sharing permissions on and off.

Can participants download recordings?

No, only room owners and collaborators can download recordings. If your participants need to download your session recordings, we recommend downloading and re-uploading them to a file-sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Are breakouts recorded?

No, breakouts are not recorded. However, the recording will continue before and after your breakouts. Recordings will show this “Breakouts in session...” screen in place of the breakouts:


Are Miro boards recorded?

Yes, but Miro board recordings will NOT automatically follow the presenter view. To record your Miro sessions for later re-watch, use the ‘Bring everyone to me’ function in Miro to focus the attention of the recording. This feature is not available with free Miro accounts.

Are MURAL boards recorded?

No, MURAL doesn’t currently support this functionality, so your murals will not be captured in your recap recordings. While we’re working together with MURAL on a solution to this, their temporary suggestion is to accomplish this by either:

  1. recording your entire screen and audio with a third-party app; or
  2. recording your MURAL collaboration separately in another tab or window with a third-party recording app.