Need an extra hand to run a buttery smooth workshop? No problem! Just add a co-facilitator (or two) to help you out! 👯‍♀️

🎥 Video explainer: Co-facilitators

Here’s a quick tour of how room collaborators and co-facilitators work in Butter. You can skip straight to 0:56 to learn about co-facilitators.

What a co-facilitator can help you with

Facilitators marked with a '⭐' on the top left corner of their video to help set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Co-facilitators can help your with:

  • Being able to Mute or Kick Out participants
  • Being able to select Raised Hand items from the Queue
  • Being able to share their screen without needing permission
  • Being able to start Breakout Sessions
  • Being able to start a Timer
  • Being able to ask questions with Polls

Adding co-facilitators

Straight from their video

From your Participants list

In the top right corner of every participant's video frame is a 3-dot menu that will allow you to add any of them as a co-facilitator in the current session.


In your participants list - which you can get to by hitting the '👤' button on the top panel - you'll be able to access the same menu that'll allow you to add (or remove*) facilitators.


Removing co-facilitators


To remove someone as facilitator, you can hover over their video and choose 'Remove facilitator.' This will immediately them into an ordinary participant, taking away their facilitation powers.


Additionally, you can also find their name in the participant list and remove them there.

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