Shared Rooms

Shared Rooms

You rarely run a workshop all by yourself, so shared rooms let you invite collaborators to help you prep, facilitate, and wrap up a session.

1. How to invite collaborators

In the Room Setup, you will find the People tab.

Here, you can invite co-facilitators by email, by name (if they are in the same workspace) or manage any existing collaborators.

When you’re creating a new room, you’ll be able to easily add collaborators from a list of all your workspace members!

2. What can a collaborator do?

When you add people, you can decide whether to add them as a Collaborator or Viewer.

A collaborator can edit the room (incl. agenda and toolbox), and they can start the room if they are a paid member.

A viewer can see the agenda, the description of the room as well as all the people (viewers and collaborators) in the room.

You can see more under:

🤝Room Roles & Permissions

3. Removing collaborators

If you need to remove a co-facilitator, you can take away their access by removing them under the People overview again. You can always add them back again!