Recaps are where you can find all the wonderful artifacts and takeaways from your Butter sessions.

Session recaps include the participant list, chat logs, your personal notes, shared notes, poll results, and recordings (for collaborators only).

So if anyone’s ever asked you for that link you shared in the chat, you can just point them to the recap!

🎥 Video Explainer: Recaps

Here’s everything you need to know about recaps 👇

Accessing your recaps

You can access your recaps from a few different places:

  • Your workspace
    shows you your latest recaps
  • The Recaps section of your workspace lists the recaps for all room sessions you were a part of
  • Each room also has its own Recaps tab where you can access recaps specific to that room

Recaps are listed by their room name, session date, and duration to help you tell them apart. To access a recap, just click to expand it:


Filtering your recaps

You can filter your recaps by:

  • Room owner
  • Date
  • Contains chat, private notes, poll results, recordings
  • Favorites

For example, you can filter only by rooms that have recordings:


Subscribe to email recaps

You can subscribe to getting email recaps delivered to your inbox after every session by selecting ‘Send me session recaps’ under Settings —> Personal Settings —> Notifications:


Recap emails include session stats, your recording link, and session attendees:


Favoriting rooms for recaps


Had an important session you know you’re always going to refer to? Mark the star beside which session you’ve had to save it under your favorites.

You can toggle the recaps to only show your favorite recaps when needed.

What’s included in a recap?

Recaps contain:

  • The participant list
  • Chat logs
  • Personal notes
  • Shared notes
  • Poll results
  • Recordings

Participant list


You can open the participant list to see who was part of your session, or you can download the list as a .csv spreadsheet file.

The participant list will show you both facilitators and participants, as well as how long they were in the session:

The downloadable .csv will show you each member’s role, when they joined the session, and how long they joined the session for.

Chat logs


You can open the Chat logs to scroll through a session’s chat. This is great for finding links or images after your session!

You can use the channel selector at the top to switch between the Main Room and other chat channels.

You can also download the chat logs as a .csv file.

Poll results


You can also open and download all the poll results from your session.

Personal notes


you take during a session are available in each room recap. Only you can see your notes. Other collaborators and participants will see their own notes!

Shared notes


The shared notes will be available for everyone. You can also edit these afterwards, and a log will be shown of who edited these last.



Your recaps are also where you find your session recordings. From here, you can watch, download, and share your session recordings. You can also download cool GIFs of your recordings for quick sharing. For full details, check out


3. Recaps FAQ

What can participants access in the session recaps?

Room owners and collaborators can access the full session recap, including the recordings.

Session participants can only access the participant list, chat logs, their own personal notes, shared notes and poll results.

How long is my session data saved?

For now, we'll be storing your recaps permanently. We can delete it upon your request though — just contact us via our Help chat!