Templates: Get inspired!

Templates: Get inspired!

Save your favorite agendas, blocks, and tools to your workspace Templates —then access them from any room or session.

Your Templates are shared by everyone in your workspace, making it easy to share tools with your team.

You can also share your Templates for anyone outside your workspace. So if you've built the ultimate Design Sprint agenda or the best icebreaker flashcard deck, share it!

🎥 Video tour: Butter Templates

Here’s a 2-minute tour from Jakob on how to use the Templates (prev. known as Library).

1. Saving items to your Templates

You can copy any agenda, block, or tool to your Templates for reuse later. This creates a template that anyone in your workspace can use later in any room.

To make your Templates easier to find later, you’ll be asked to give them:

  • a name
  • a description
  • a cover photo
Note: When you save an item to your Templates, it creates a new copy. They are not synced together. If you edit the Template copy, it doesn’t impact the original, and vice versa.

You can save Templates from one of two places:

1.2 From a Butter room

If you’ve set up an awesome room and want to reuse some of your items elsewhere, head to that room’s setup.

Saving an agenda

To save an agenda:

  • Starting from the room setup, navigate to the ‘Agenda’ tab
  • click ‘Edit Agenda’ to open up the Agenda Planner
  • click the ‘...’ menu
  • click ‘+ Add to Templates’

Saving a block

To save a block:

  • Starting from the room setup, navigate to the ‘Agenda’ tab
  • click ‘Edit Agenda’ to open up the Agenda Planner
  • click into the agenda block you want to copy
  • click the ‘...’ menu
  • click ‘+ Add to Templates’

Saving a tool

To save a tool:

  • Starting from the room setup, navigate to the ‘Toolbox’ tab
  • click ‘...’ on the relevant tool
  • click ‘+ Add to Templates’

2. From the Butter Template Gallery

We also have tons of awesome pre-made templates in the Butter Template Gallery. 🙌


In it, you can:

  • Find useful templates based on popular categories
  • Search for what you're looking for based on keywords
  • Filter through templates based on tool type, skill level and duration
  • Preview the template content before adding it to your room or library

To learn how to add a Templates from there, check out:


Managing your Templates

Your workspace’s Templates is accessible from the Templates sidebar item on your Butter dashboard.


From here, you can tab between your saved agendas, blocks, and tools, filter by category, and search for items.

You can also filter by:

  • The item owner: These are your own Templates and those made by others in your workspace.
  • Tags: These are purely for organizational purposes and can be whatever you’d like.

For Templates you own, you can select ‘...’ to edit the item or its Template info, share the item, duplicate it, or delete it:

Get your own copy!

You can only edit Templates you own. If you want to edit someone else’s Templates, duplicate it first and then edit that copy.

However, workspace owners and admins can delete other team member’s Templates.

2. Using your Templates

Now that you’ve added stuff to your Templates, it’s time to use all that stuff! 🥳

You can use your Templates in two ways:

2.1 From a room

To add your items to a room, head to the Agenda or Toolbox tab.

Using an agenda

If you haven’t set up an agenda yet, you will see a selection of your saved Template agendas, ready to be selected. Click ‘Use Agenda’ or ‘Preview’ to add an agenda to the room.


Boom, it’s that easy! 💥

Using a tool

To add a tool from your Templates, head to Toolbox, then ‘Add Tool’. Select the tool category you want, and then you’ll be given the choice of creating a new tool or selecting a saved tool from your Templates:


2.2 From a session

You can also access your Templates during a live session.

Just click ‘Templates’ from the right panel, and voilá! All your agendas, blocks, and tools are ready to be used.

Just hover over the tool you want and click ‘Use [agenda/block/tool]’.


3. Sharing Templates

You know what they say about Templates: they’re way more fun with other people. Okay, so maybe nobody says that, but this is one Template you don’t have to keep quiet.

To share an item in your Templates, just click ‘...’ and ‘Share this [Agenda/Block/Tool]’. Then, just copy the link and share away!

When someone uses the link, they’ll be invited to copy your Template.


4. Template workspace roles and permissions

Everything in your Templates is visible to all members of your workspace.

What people can do with Templates differs slightly be their role:

  • Owners and admins can add/edit their own items, share Templates, and delete any Templates.
  • Non-owner and admin members can add/edit their own items and share Templates. They can not delete Templates.

5. Butter Templates FAQ

How do I find specific Templates I’ve saved?

That’s easy! Just head to the Templates tab and then search for items by name or filter by category. You can also access your Templates from your toolbox during a live session.

Can I access my Templates during a session?

Yes! Everything saved to your Templates is available in your room setup and during live sessions.

Can I add a Miro board, MURAL, or Google Doc to my Templates?

No, these tools aren’t saveable to your Templates.

However, videos, Music Playlists, PDF presentations, and all Butter-native tools can be saved to your Templates.

If I save an agenda to my Templates, do all the blocks and tools in that agenda save to my Templates too?

Not quite!

When you copy an agenda to your Templates, the blocks and tools used in that agenda will be available from that agenda.

However, the agenda’s individual blocks and tool will not save independently to your Templates. To save the blocks and tools, save them to your Templates individually.

Who in my workspace can see my Templates?

Everyone in your workspace can see, duplicate, and share your Templates. Only you can edit your own Templates.

Do Templates sync with the original version I copied?

No. When you save something to your workspace Templates, it creates a new copy. They are not synced together. Editing items in your Templates will not impact the originals, and vice versa.

Think of it as a template master file!

How do I use Templates that have been shared with me?

Once a template has been shared with you, you can save a copy to your Templates. Then, you can customize it to make it your own!

Can I edit Templates created by my workspace team members?

Not quite! To edit someone else’s Template, you’ll have to duplicate it and edit your own copy.