Getting Started with Butter

Tired of reading and just want to get your hands dirty? Here are the best ways to dive headfirst into Butter.

1. Sign in to Butter

To get started, log onto Butter from either:

🌐 Your browser - Butter is smoothest in Chrome!

🖥 The Butter desktop app - for Windows and Mac

For full installation instructions, see 🖥️Desktop App Installation.

2. Create your workspace

When you first log in, you’ll be asked to create a Butter workspace. This workspace can be for yourself or for your entire team.

This is where you’ll access your rooms, add tools to your library, access templates, manage team members, revisit recaps, and more.

To learn more, check out: 🏢Workspaces

3. Connect your Google Calendar

It’s easier to send invites, see and plan your upcoming sessions, and update existing invites with Butter links if you connect Butter to your calendar. If you use Google Calendar, check out: Google Calendar and ButterGoogle Calendar and Butter.

If you don’t use Google Calendar, forget we said anything! 😅

4. Design your first room

Rooms are where you plan and host your sessions, so you’ll need to build a room! Don’t worry. It’s easy.

To learn how, check out RoomsRooms.

5. Get inspired by the Butter Template Gallery

Incredible sessions don’t have to start from scratch. Get inspired and save yourself some time by starting with one of our pre-made Butter templates.

Check out the Template Gallery: Get inspiredTemplate Gallery: Get inspired.

6. Invite participants

Butter’s better with friends! To learn how to invite participants to your sessions, check out: Inviting ParticipantsInviting Participants.

Here’s what’s awesome: participants don’t need to create an account or download anything to join a session. Just send them your room link and they can join directly from their browser.

If your participants want to join on mobile, they can 📲 download the Butter mobile app for Android and iOS.

To make it easy for participants to join your sessions, send them the Butter Participant’s Guide.

7. Join an orientation

If you’d like a hands-on lesson on how to use Butter, sign up for one of our Butter group orientation sessions. One of our team members will give you a tour.

8. Join the Butter Community

Join our community to learn and connect with facilitators, workshoppers, trainers, and consultants from all over the world!

Our community is a great place to share facilitation resources, hear about the latest Butter events, and find answers to your most burning questions.

👉 Join the community here 👈

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