What is Butter?

Besides the stuff that makes everything taste better, Butter is a collaboration platform for planning, running, and recapping highly-engaging sessions—all from one tool.

A facilitator’s dream, that’s what! 🤩

Butter isn’t built for those could-have-been-an-email meetings. You know the ones 🥱

Butter is a tool for facilitating highly collaborative sessions like:

  • Training sessions
  • Bootcamps and courses
  • Workshops
  • Events and webinars
  • Community and team socials
  • And any other session where you need to keep people energized and productive

Of course, you can use Butter for everyday meetings too. But it’s so much more than a meeting tool.

Here’s all you need to know about Butter in two minutes:

Butter solves four facilitation challenges

Butter solves the four biggest challenges with remote facilitation:

1. Prepare sessions that practically run themselves

Unlike other tools, you can plan, run, and recap your interactive sessions all within Butter.

You and your team can build agendas and pre-load your tools in advance so that your session can stay on track and on time.

Butter makes planning sessions easy:

  • Design reusable, shareable rooms from which you’ll host your sessions
  • Prepare smooth sessions with time-boxed and customizable agendas - even for multiple days!
  • Pre-load tools like polls, flashcards, breakouts, Miro boards, and YouTube videos to your toolbox for easy access
  • Invite collaborators to help you plan and host your sessions
  • Use customizable expert-made templates to structure your sessions

2. All your favorite facilitation tools, minus all the tabs

Nobody likes that overwhelming feeling of juggling countless apps, links, tabs, screens, and windows during a live session.

We’ve integrated the best collaboration tools directly into Butter so you can focus your energy on the work and the people—not the tools.

Here’s how Butter reduces the tool overload:

  • Keep everyone focused with built-in tools like shared & private notes, PDF presentations, and flashcards
  • Use your favorite integrations, such as Miro, MURAL, YouTube, Google Docs, and more
  • Make the participant experience more dynamic with multiple view modes 🙌

3. Bump up the energy

People are more productive when they’re enjoying the work.

Butter helps you keep the energy high:

  • Set the mood with a delightful waiting room, complete with music and GIFs
  • Bump up the energy with emoji reactions, GIFs in the chat, and sound effects
  • Encourage participation with polls, the hands-up queue, and breakouts

4. Don’t forget your takeaways

Ever wrap up a session and then forget everything you talked about?

Here’s how Butter helps you recap:

  • Find what you need in a snap with recap search
  • Summarize your sessions instantly with AI summaries
  • Jump to key moments with the interactive transcript
  • Keep your resources organized - from recordings, chat logs, poll results, Miro boards, Google Docs, participant lists, notes, and more
  • See how people engaged with participant stats
  • Share full recaps with one link and control access as needed

What the FAQ?

Is Butter free?

Pretty much! We have a Basic (free) plan that you can use forever. We also have paid plans if you want unlimited and unrestricted access to Butter.

When you upgrade, you’ll have unlimited time limits, more rooms, and the ability to record your sessions. Read all about pricing here.

How many participants can join a Butter session?

We support up to 200 people in your sessions, but there are limits depending on what plan you're on. On the free plan, you can have up to 25 participants. Read more about pricing here.

Do you need an account to join a Butter session?

Nope! Participants can join by clicking the shared invite link through their browser, the Butter desktop app, or the Butter mobile app.

Do you need an account to host a Butter session?

Yes. In order to set up and start a session, you need a Butter account. Sign up for a free account here!

Do you need to download anything to join/host a Butter session?

No! You can access Butter directly from your browser. We also have a desktop app if that’s more your style. If you’re joining from mobile, you can get the mobile app for iOS and Android here.

Do you have a desktop or mobile app?

Yes, we do. You can download the Butter desktop app to run or join sessions. We also have the Butter mobile app for participants on the go!

Do you host your own video?

Video meetings on Butter are hosted by Daily.co

Is Butter GDPR compliant?

As a Danish company, we care a lot about privacy and we’re continuously striving to fulfill the GDPR. You can read all about our compliance efforts, privacy, and security in our GDPR Policy .