With Notes, you can take neatly formatted collaborative or private notes directly within Butter and then email them to yourself after the session—no need for juggling multiple windows.

🎥 Video Explainer: Taking notes

Here’s Jakob with a quick tour of how to take notes in Butter.

During a session

During a session, you can open and close your notes, format your notes, and pop out the notes window.

Shared Notes lets you collaborate and take down notes with your participants. All your changes and edits are visible to your team and vice versa in real time. You can also tag and mention participants on the call in the notes, just like the way you would in a chat message!

Shared notes are accessible to all logged-in participants after the session has taken place. Private Notes are notes-to-self that others do not have access to. These notes are saved to the Butter accounts of logged-in participants and are accessible in the session’s recaps. For non-logged-in participants, a checkbox is visible at the bottom of the notes window to have the notes sent to their desired email address at the end of the session.

Open your notes

To open your notes, select ‘Notes’ from the left sidebar. This will open your notes in the main Butter window.


If you close your notes, they’ll still be there. So feel free to open and close your notes if you’d like!

Format your notes

You have all the usual options when it comes to formatting your notes.


In case you need a refresher, here’s what each option gets you:

  • H1: Main header
  • H2: Secondary header
  • B: Bold
  • I: Italics
  • U: Underline
  • S: Strikethrough
  • Numbered list
  • Bulleted list
  • Blockquote

Pop out the notes window

If you want to declutter your Butter window, or move your notes to another screen, you can pop out the notes window.


Just click the ‘Popout’ arrow and move the notes window wherever your little heart desires.


Email yourself your notes

If you’re participating in a session and you’re not logged into a Butter account, you can optionally choose to email yourself your notes after your session.

Just check the ‘Email notes after the session’ box at the bottom of the notes email and enter your email.

After your session, your notes will automatically be emailed to your inbox.

And don’t worry, we won’t save your email!


After a session

After a session, you can access your notes from your email or from the session recap.

In your email

If you’re the facilitator or you checked the ‘Email notes...’ button, your formatted notes will be sent to your email once the session is over.

The email will come from, so make sure we don’t end up in your junk folder! We come in peace.

In your Recaps

Your private notes are also available from the Recaps dashboard. Just select the session and then ‘Personal Notes’.

You can either open them for viewing, or download them as a .txt file.

For more info on recaps, see Recaps: Your session wrapped!Recaps: Your session wrapped!.

Notes FAQ

Where do my notes get saved?

If you’re logged in to your Butter account, your notes will automatically be emailed to you after the session. They’ll also be available in your Recaps.

If you’re not logged in, you can optionally check the ‘Email notes after the session’ box and then enter your email to have your notes emailed to you. In this case, your email will not be saved.

Can participants also take notes?

Yes! Everyone in a Butter session has access to the Notes feature. Anyone can send their notes to themselves by checking the ‘Email notes after the session’ box.

Can I access my notes during breakouts/while screensharing?

Yes, your notes are always accessible during a session.

Can we take notes as a group?

Yes! By default, you can take notes Shared Notes.

Can I download my notes?

Yes. After your session, you can download your notes as a .txt file from the Recaps dashboard. You can even edit Shared Notes when needed!

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