The screensharing experience outlined here requires the Butter desktop app. Download the desktop application for the best experience.

Need to show that awesome presentation you've worked on or share the training presentation?

Screenshare is the answer! In Butter, you can easily share your screen while seeing your participants at the same time, and allow them to use the feature while you’re presenting.


🎥 Video tour: Screensharing on desktop

Here’s Jakob with a very quick tour of the screensharing experience on desktop.

Screensharing FAQ

Can I see participants while screensharing?

Yes you can! 💪 We know understanding how participants are reacting to the presentation is important, so you can see the participants in a pop-up window — regardless of whether you're sharing via Google Slides, MS Powerpoint or Keynote!

Can I allow other people to screenshare?

Yes, you can! Just choose ‘Enable for all’ under the screenshare icon to allow anyone to screenshare while you facilitate.

You just need to Allow the person requesting permission (or Decline it as needed).

Can I use the agenda when screen sharing?

You sure can! When screen sharing, the agenda is still running - and is visible right at the top-right of your screen.

This means can still use it as you present, to see the time left on your agenda points and jump to the next agenda point (or back, if you need more time!) 🔥


Can I use other Butter features at the same time?

You betcha!

Simply hover your cursor over the the menu at the top when sharing your screen, and it will show you the Butter tools directly in your screen. You can access reactions, the queue, the chat, and all at the same time as presenting 🚀


What about interacting with my participants while I present?

Screensharing shouldn’t stop you being able to see how participants are reacting - and with Butter, it doesn’t 🥳

You can see the reactions, queue, and chat messages from session participants at the side of your screen, making it really easy to gage the mood, monitor questions and comments, and interact effectively with your participants as you share your screen! 🎉

You can also enable Annotations when you or your participants to highlight something on the screen. Just enable it while screensharing!

Can mobile participants see my screenshare?

Yes they can! Although it may be tough for them to see on a small screen.