Referrals and Credits

Referrals and Credits

You can gift 2 months of Butter Pro and get $30 off your next bill if the person becomes a paying customer 🥳

Who can I gift 2 months of Butter Pro to?

Only people that are not already users of Butter can benefit from your referral gift.

So when you share your referral link with someone, they will be taken to a sign up form where they can register their account and claim your gift.

When does the credit apply?

The credit applies when the referred person becomes a paying customer, and makes their first payment.

How do I keep track of my referrals?

You can see all the successful referrals you have made on your dashboard under Referrals.

You will see both people that have claimed your gift, and those that have successfully become paying customers.

How do I redeem the credit?

The credit is automatically applied to your next invoice, so you don't need to take any action.

If you are on a monthly plan, it will be applied to the bill coming up next month.

If you are on an annual plan, it will be applied to the bill coming op next year.

Is there a limit to how many gift I can give out?

Nope! You can share as many gifts as you want, and you can earn infinite credits!