Referral Program

Referral Program

Have you fallen in love with Butter? Why not spread the love, and earn money for your efforts?

People you refer will get 30% off their first 3 months, along with a free 7-day Unlimited trial—and you can get up to $500 for each one who becomes a Butter customer too! Find your own unique referral link in the sidebar on your Butter dashboard.

Find your unique referral link in the Butter dashboard

Referral program benefits

As a referral partner, you'll get:

  • An affiliate reward of 15% recurring revenue for anyone you refer who becomes a paying Butter customer. Rewards will be capped up to $500 per user—and you can refer as many people as you want.
  • An incentive for your referees: 7 days free trial for the Unlimited account (regular plans only have the Starter trial), and 30% off on their first 3 months of subscription.
  • Personalized Butter onboarding for team referrals

You can read about the program and its benefits in more detail here.

Sharing your referral link

It’s easy! Just head to the Butter dashboard, then navigate to Referral program.

Copy your invite link from the Invite tab, or share directly on social. People you refer must sign up directly through the link to be attributed back to you.

Their discounted rate will automatically be included once they upgrade.

To make it easier for you, we've also prepared a social media pack that you can take inspiration from. We'd really appreciate if you could tag us on social too!

Tracking your referrals


Head to the Rewards tab under the Referral program menu to see:

  • how many people have seen your link
  • who have signed up (hashed emails)
  • who have become Butter customers

Getting referral payouts

To get the affiliate rewards, you must complete your details under the Rewards tab > Update payment details. Currently, we only accept Paypal payment methods.

You will get 15% recurring revenue for any plans purchased, and payouts will happen until the $500 cap is reached.

If a customer you’ve referred cancels their Butter subscription, then the rewards will stop as well.

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