Butter Mobile App

Participants can join in on your Butter sessions—even when they’re on the go. Download the Butter mobile app for 🍏 iOS or 🤖 Android.

How to join a session on mobile

To join a Butter session on mobile, participants just need to visit your room link from their phone. Their browser will direct them to either:

  • Open in Butter’ if they already have the app installed; or
  • Download the app’, which will send them to their device’s app store

Once they download and open the app, they just need to enter their name to join your session.

Alternatively, participants can go directly to the app and then copy-paste your room link into the app’s home screen:


Allowing camera & microphone permissions

Once they join the session, they just need to allow Butter to access their camera and microphone by tapping “allow” to the prompts.

Here’s what that looks like on Android:


Boom, they’re in!

What’s included on mobile?

Participants can use the following features:

  • reactions
  • sound effects
  • the chat
  • the queue
  • breakouts
  • hide self
  • set avatars and change display name

They can also see when a facilitator uses the following tools:

  • polls
  • flashcards
  • timers
  • screensharing
  • PDF presentations
  • music playlists
  • YouTube videos

What’s different on mobile?

The Butter mobile app is only for participants (for now!). You’ll still need to host and run your Butter sessions on a laptop or desktop from your Butter dashboard . 🖥️

While the app gives participants tons of ways to engage, some of the features and integrations you’ve come to love won’t be visible to participants joining from mobile.

Before the session, participants won’t be able to:

  • Hear your waiting room music (but they’ll still see your waiting room!)

In-session, participants won’t be able to see:

  • Notes
  • Miro and MURAL
  • Google Drive (Docs, Slides, and Sheets)
  • Whiteboard

Instead, they’ll see a prompt such as, “Miro is currently not supported on the app. Join on desktop for the full experience.”.


If you’re planning to use these features, we’d recommend telling your participants to join from a desktop.

Other Mobile FAQs

When should participants use mobile (vs. desktop)?

Butter is designed for engaging, collaborative experiences, so Butter is still best experienced on a computer.

The mobile app is best for more casual sessions where it’s okay for your participants to join on a (much) smaller screen.

How many participants can you see at one time on mobile?

Mobile participants can see three participant videos at a time, and can side-scroll through all the videos.

Does the app support horizontal mode?

No, the app is currently only available in vertical mode.

Do participants need a Butter account to join on mobile?

Nope! They can join a session on mobile without an account—just like on desktop. Only requirement is to download the mobile app.

How do I give Butter access to my camera/microphone on mobile?

The app will automatically ask for camera and mic permissions. If you accidentally hit ‘no’, don’t worry!

On iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone > check off Butter. Then repeat it for Privacy > Camera > check off Butter.

On Android, go to Settings > Apps > Butter > Permissions > Allow camera and microphone.

How can I delete my account from mobile?

Deleting your account is not possible from the mobile app. To delete your account, you need to log into Butter on browser or the Butter desktop app.

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