Browser Compatibility Guide

Because of technical limitations, Butter features differ slightly in their availability between the app and from browser to browser. For the smoothest Butter experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or the Butter desktop app.

Feature Guide


FeatureButter DesktopChromeSafariMicrosoft EdgeFirefox
Screensharing (video only)
Screensharing (video + audio)
Screensharing (full screen)
Screensharing (window or tab)
Breakout Rooms
Webcam and Microphone
Reactions and Soundboard
Background Blur
Desktop Notifications

Known Issues

Incognito mode on all Browsers

Incognito mode causes errors when using integrations

Various integrations such as YouTube, Google Drive, Miro, and others are broken when on incognito mode due to third-party cookies being blocked


Multiple permission requests

Due to Firefox's handling of permissions, users may face multiple permission requests to enable the microphone, webcam, and screen sharing permissions.

We do not recommend using Firefox to run Butter

Brave Browser

Default permissions blocked

Brave pre-emptively blocks Butter from requesting webcam, microphone, and screen sharing permissions. Users may have to reconfigure their browser settings to allow these permissions manually.

Third-party cookies blocked when using integrations.

By default, Brave blocks third-party cookies which prevent our YouTube, Google Drive, Miro, and other integrations from working.


Does not allow for sharing tabs or windows

Safari currently does not allow you to share a window or a tab when sharing your screen. You can only share full screen. There are also a couple of extra steps to have screen sharing enabled for Butter on Safari. To learn more, do check out Setting up permissions and screen share.